The Bold and the Beautiful: A Look Back at 80s Fashion Trends

The Bold and the Beautiful is an American soap opera that has been on the air since 1987. Throughout its many years on television, the show has showcased a variety of fashion trends that reflect the times in which they were popular. In particular, the 80s fashion trends featured on The Bold and the Beautiful have become iconic and continue to inspire fashion today.

One of the most memorable 80s fashion trends showcased on The Bold and the Beautiful was the power suit. This trend was a symbol of women’s empowerment and was characterized by sharp, tailored lines, and bold shoulder pads. Characters such as Stephanie Forrester and Brooke Logan were often seen sporting power suits, which became synonymous with their strong personalities.

Another popular trend featured on The Bold and the Beautiful was the big hair trend. This trend saw women sporting voluminous, teased hairstyles that were often adorned with hair accessories like scrunchies and headbands. Characters like Taylor Hayes and Donna Logan were known for their big hairdos, which added to their sex appeal and feminine charm.

The 80s also saw the rise of punk and rocker fashion, which was showcased on The Bold and the Beautiful through characters like Sally Spectra and Mick Savage. This trend was characterized by leather jackets, studded accessories, and band t-shirts. It was a rebellious and edgy style that was embraced by those who wanted to stand out from the crowd.

Bright and bold colors were also a hallmark of 80s fashion, and this trend was no exception on The Bold and the Beautiful. Characters like Kristen Forrester and Macy Alexander were often seen sporting neon, pastel, and vibrant hues that reflected the fun and carefree spirit of the decade.

Finally, the 80s fashion trend that perhaps still remains most iconic today is the legging trend. This trend was showcased on The Bold and the Beautiful through characters like Brooke Logan who often wore leggings paired with oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts. This look was comfortable, casual, and perfect for the gym or running errands.

In conclusion, The Bold and the Beautiful remains a timeless source of fashion inspiration, particularly when it comes to 80s fashion trends. The power suit, big hair, punk rocker fashion, bright colors, and leggings are all trends that continue to inspire fashion today and are a testament to the enduring influence of this iconic soap opera.